Corporate & Transactional

We perform variety of corporate engagements for local and foreign businesses operating in Armenia, middle market and ambitious growth companies, financial markets participants. Our corporate and transaction practice focuses on mergers and acquisitions, local and transnational lending, project finance, structured finance, corporate reorganizations and restructurings, real estate finance.

Capital Market

The firm’s experience in capital markets helps our clients keep current on rapidly changing market trends in transactional structure and negotiating positions. The firm regularly represents investors and investment groups, issuers and industry professionals. Our clients can benefit from our extensive experience and capacity in debt and equity offerings, trading and regulatory compliance matters for issuers, investment firms and qualified investors.

Corporate Governance

We actively counsel our clients with respect to policies for achieving sound corporate governance. Our corporate governance advice aims at providing solutions compatible with business needs of the client without creating unnecessary corporate bureaucracy. Our services include conducting corporate checks, corporate governance reviews and assessments and preparing corporate governance codes, charters, policies, and procedures.

Mergers & Acquisitions

We have substantial experience representing companies of all sizes in acquiring, selling, licensing, jointly developing, outsourcing, and exploiting critical products, systems, and services. The M&A lawyers work particularly well with companies that allow us to invest in the relationship and truly get to know their professional personnel, key legal issues, and business needs. It is highly important for us achieve an appropriate degree of integration with the in-house legal staff of our clients, while at the same time maintaining the necessary professional independence and judgment, at all times being mindful that our clients have differing and evolving corporate cultures, ways of doing deals, approaches to internal and external staffing and communications, and tolerance for risk.

Commercial Transactions

We assist businesses in developing efficient and effective contractual infrastructures for new and existing products and services. Our lawyers draft and negotiate a wide spectrum of contracts ranging from the routine to the highly complex. With every contract, we seek to accurately reflect the contemplated commercial transaction and to balance risk mitigation with economic opportunity. We are intensely committed to supporting our clients’ commercial activities—the heartbeat of the enterprise. We devote significant effort to in-house training and knowledge-sharing, including the development of model contract forms and provisions, in order to foster best practices in our firm and in our field.


Our finance lawyers are located in key financial capitals and have a broad-based understanding of local laws, current market terms, and complex multijurisdictional financing transactions. We advise lenders, borrowers, guarantors, lessors, lessees, and issuers in the capital markets on all aspects of mainstream secured, unsecured, asset-based, cash flow, and other commercial lending and commercial real estate financing transactions. We counsel lenders and borrowers on sophisticated intercreditor arrangements and complex debt restructurings. Our team handles financings in almost every industry, including commodities, mining, manufacturing, distribution, media, telecommunications, entertainment, hospitality, healthcare, retail, and the service sector.